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About the Office

About Me

I am a BA and MA Haifa University Law graduate and a member of the Israel Bar Association.

I speak Hebrew, English and Russian.

My law firm specializes in intellectual property, executing IP rights from theory into practice.

I legally represent artists and persons of intellect, business owners and private clients whose rights have been breached, in different court instances as well as mediations and arbitrations.

The Office Services


Legal representation of producers whose rights have been breached and conducting an efficient legal proceeding in purpose of ending the breach of rights and achieving the maximal compensation.


Registration of Trademarks and Legal representation before the Trademark registrar.

Trademarks Legal representation

Representation of plaintiffs and defendants in legal proceedings regarding the breach of trademarks.

Commercial Torts

Representation in legal proceedings regarding unfair business competition, unauthorized use of trade secrets, reputation damages, appropriating a competitor's business name and its advantages in favor of competing businesses, and more.

Computers and Internet Law

Legal representation defending domain names with the Israeli Internet Association (ISOC).


Legal representation in defamation cases as well as regarding all matters of harmful publications concerning a person's business and reputation.

Protection of Privacy

Representation of clients whose privacy has been breached online, in social media, in the written press or any other media device.

Complex Commercial Litigation

Representation in legal proceedings such as contractual conflicts, shareholder conflicts as well as legal proceedings against banks.

"Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun"

Albert Einstein

Artists and persons of intellect - You are intitled to Legal Protection!

My practice reveals before me endless types of creations and artists of the whole artistic spectrum.

Photographers, designers, musicians and other persons of intellect provide me with a glance to their inner world, and I become filled with appreciation and curiosity towards the creation procedure, the energy invested within it and its final result.

I am here to assist you with protecting the product of your creative process and receive compensation in case your rights have been breached.

Advantages that work for You

Personal Treatment and High Availability

When you choose me, you are not "just another case" in the office. I am available for you and will do all that is required to achieve the ultimate result.


before establishing the office, I accumulated rich legal practice experience in leading law firms in the IP and commercial litigation areas. I successfully represented tens of clients in diverse legal proceedings and will be happy to recruit my experience for your advantage!


I am obligated to provide a professional leading legal service, and therefore am precise with following updates of court orders precedents, technology and internet innovations and anything required in order to conduct a legal proceeding in the modern era.

Professionality, Creativity and Initiative

while conducting legal proceedings in courts, I think outside of the box, implement unconventional actions and initiate motions with one goal: achieving the best solution for you.

Need Legal Advice?

Need Legal Advice, Representation and Legal Protection? My Experience is Available for You!
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